New Hampshire Master Plumber #2221C

New Hampshire Gas Technician #GF0700968

New Hampshire Well Pump Installer #1367

Maine Master Plumber #MS2806

Maine Master Oil Burner Technician #MS30004168

Maine Gas Technician #PNT6766 e.

Meet the Guys

Dana Haley, owner, was born and raised in North Conway, NH, a 3rd generation native. He lives in Silver Lake, NH with his wife, Susan. Dana began his plumbing and heating career locally in 1981 and received his Master Plumbers License from The State of New Hampshire in 1985. He received his Maine Master Plumbing License, the following year. Prior to his plumbing career, Dana attended the New Hampshire Vocational Technical College in Manchester, NH. and then worked for local contractors. Today Dana is well respected by his peers. Dana has Master Licenses for Plumbing and Heating in Maine and New Hampshire, is a licensed New Hampshire Well Pump Installer, and Master Gas Technician in both Maine and New Hampshire.

Matt Haley, Dana's oldest son, joined the business in 2004, he is a licensed Master Plumber in new Hampshire and Maine. Matt is also a licensed Master Gas Technician in New Hampshire and Maine. He is married and lives in Conway with his wife Anna and their daughter Calliope, and son Everett.

Chris Ryall began working with Dana and Matt in 2012. Chris is a licensed Journeyman Plumber in New Hampshire and Maine, and a licensed Gas Piping Installer. Chris and his wife Krista live in Maine.

Tom Vestal became part of the team in 2018. Tom is a  Apprentice Plumber and an Apprentice Gas Technician. Tom lives in Tamworth with his wife Meghan.. He recently completed a four year Plumbing Apprenticeship Training program. He will soon take the test to be a Journeyman in New Hampshire and Maine


Dana, Matt, Chris, and Tom attend seminars and training classes regularly to improve their skills and understanding of today's sophisticated plumbing, heating, and water filtration equipment.

Haley Plumbing and Heating is fully licensed and insured.